Hugs for Heros

Hugs for Heroes

Hugs for Heroes is a Project Linus initiative that not only provides a blanket to children that have a loved one serving overseas, but also provides a small “pocket” blanket for the family to send to the loved one/soldier. That way the child and the deployed soldier can “share” the blanket and the warm hug it provides.  Click here to view video.

Many Hugs for Heroes blankets are made from fleece blankets. When the corner is cut out of the blanket to make the fringe on the child’s blanket, the corner is made into a small pocket fringed blanket (about 4″ x 4″) to be sent to the soldier. Pocket blankets can also be made to “match” the child’s blanket by crocheting/knitting or quilting a smaller and simpler version of the child’s blanket approximately 4″x4″. The size could be up to 6″x6″ and rectangular blankets are great, too. Click here for the pattern.

Initially, we implemented this program at Methodist Medical Center where a patriotic blanket is given to each baby born where the father is stationed/deployed out of the area. That way the mother can send the “pocket hug” blanket on to the father/soldier. If we receive enough blankets and have enough members interested, I will expand the program to other children/soldiers. So, initially, we are looking for baby blankets only. Please attach the “pocket hug” blanket to the child’s blanket with a safety pin (no straight pins) or yarn. Submit your blankets at a drop off location as you normally would. A label will be sewn on the child’s blanket but not the pocket blanket.

If you have questions about this program,just let Deb Miller know via our Contact Form.

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