Teen Blankets Needed

We are very short on teen blankets. We need them to meet our local needs for 2019 and early 2020. These are blankets that are 55″ or larger long.

Besides local needs, the Santa Clarita chapter is struggling to get enough blankets to serve the teens in the high school where the horrific shootings took place last week. I’ve committed 20 blankets to that effort, but would like to be able to send more if we can.

So, if you have time in the next week or so, please make and deliver blankets to our drop off locations. Remember November 30th is the last day for blanket deliveries to drop off locations until after January 1. If you can’t make the November 30th deadline, we will need MORE in January so that is great too.

As with any national disaster, it is costly to mail blankets and even more so across the country to California. Donations are always appreciated. They can be sent directly to me (check made out to Project Linus) or made online through the “donate” button on our local website (see below) or on the national website. Through both the local and national website, be sure to designate the EAST TN Chapter.

Thanks for all you do to support Project Linus and provide warm hugs and security to children in traumatic situations.

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