Snowball Express 2022

Snowball Express Blankets for 2022


Snowball Express holiday season gathering is one of the two Project Linus national efforts to which we can provide blankets to support children of fallen military heroes. This year’s effort, in Orlando, will need about 1300 blankets. Project Linus of East TN has committed 75 blankets for these children.  Please have all blankets to a drop off location by the end of September. Be sure to mark your bags  “for Snowball Express”. 

All blankets MUST be handmade of NEW, washable materials, from smoke free environments, and free of scent such as fabric softener.


  • Make sure that the blankets are of all new materials: quilts, fleece, knitted, or crochet.
  • All blankets must be 45 X 60” or larger.  NOTE:  This is larger than many blankets so be sure these blankets meet this specification! The children who attend must be at least 5 years old, so we do not need baby blankets. 1 ½ to 2 yards of fleece makes a nice blanket. See  and our local website for patterns if you need ideas.
  • For fleece tied blankets, please make sure that they do not have selvages, are ONE layer only, and that they lie flat after finishing.
  • We will sew on a Project Linus National label. Nothing else, no extra tags or notes. Note, this is different than our regular donations which can have an organization label or PL card stock tag with your first name.
  • Do not wrap up the blankets in any way. No individual plastic bags, no yarn or bows, nothing.

Themes – DO’s!

  • Service-specific blankets are our greatest request (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines – in that order).
  • Next favorite are Star Wars, Superheroes, Minions, Disney, and camouflage (including pink camo).
  • These kids also like popular themes so we need plenty of sports, cartoon characters, cheer, gymnastics, puppies, kittens, horses, lady bugs, any animal, etc.
  • We do want blankets from National major league teams (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA)!
  • The kids loved the blankets that were entirely crocheted. They also loved the chunky chenille crocheted blankets.

Themes- DON’Ts!

  • DO NOT send any blankets that closely resemble the US flag. Flags are draped over caskets at military funerals and may remind children of that terrible day. (Flags within a print or other red, white & blue are ok.)
  • No College teams/logos.
  • No Christmas or specific holiday-themed blankets. We want the kids to love and use their blankets year-round.

We can not guarantee your blankets will be sent to Snowball Express but will do our best.  (Learn more about Snowball Express at )  Remember blankets are due to drop off locations by the end of September.

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