Our Partnership with Joann Fabrics

Joann Fabric and Craft stores offer two discount programs to Project Linus blanketeers, a discount card and bulk purchasing discounts.  Here is how to sign up for either program.

JOANN’s Discount Card

Project Linus blanketeers are eligible for 10% discount at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores when making Project Linus blankets! Following are the enrollment details. Remember, you must also have a Project Linus Membership Card (see below).  If you already have the JoAnn’s discount card, you should not have to get a new one unless it has expired.

1. Visit the web page to sign up: http://www.joann.com/discountcardform/
2. Enter “Project Linus” in the Organization Name box
3. Enter your information (Name, Address, Email…) and follow the online directions
4. Your Non-Profit Discount Card will arrive in the mail within 3-4 weeks
5. Take your Non-Profit Discount Card, Photo ID and Project Linus Membership Card to your nearest Jo-Ann Store for validation
6. Save 10% on every* purchase!
*exclusions apply.

MOST Jo-Ann’s cards EXPIRE in annually.  You must go back on the Jo-Ann’s site and order a new card.  You do NOT need a new Project Linus membership card. Questions or needs for assistance should be directed to the store manager.

*Note:  Each Jo-Ann’s store seems to administer the 10% a little differently.  You “might” get it off some sale items but “maybe” not.  They “might” be picky about whether your purchase is for Project Linus or “maybe not”.  You will just need to be happy with any discount they give you. For example, if you have a coupon that is 20% off your entire purchase, you probably will not be able to take off the 10% Project Linus discount also (it says this on the back of the card).

Project Linus Membership ID Card:  If you need a Project Linus Membership Card, use our contact page to request one.  Please include your name and address in the request.  You do NOT NEED to renew these cards. If you have a current PL Membership ID Card, PLEASE use a black Sharpie or other pen and scratch out the EIN # on it.  It has caused some confusion at some of the JoAnn’s stores.  You should NOT get a tax exemption on your purchase.

Bulk Purchasing Discounts

Now Volunteers can take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts from JOANN’s for their Project Linus blanket supplies.  First make an account with your email and a password (see below).   You will see prices listed, these prices are the maximum you will be charged as the amount you order increases you will get a better price.  If you have issues, there is a number on the site you can call for help. These prices are good on this site only and you have to buy in bulk to get the good prices.

Creating an Account:  The first thing you will do is go to the site http://plus.joann.com/  and click on set up an account.  Click Organization, then I’m a consumer and continue.  Type in your email address, it won’t know your address the first time so click sign up. Click organization again and fill in your personal information, make sure you write down your password you chose so you don’t forget. click continue, then fill in:

·  Business name:  Project Linus
·  Business type:  Nonprofit group
·  EIN: 84-1362696
·  Website URL: www.projectlinus.org
·  Business revenue: $100,000 -$500,000
·  Employees:<10
·  You Do NOT qualify for tax exempt, don’t check
·  Email promotions(up to you on whether you select)
·  Check I have read the terms and conditions
·  Click create account, sign in and start shopping

Remember for these prices to be great you have to order in bulk and the first time or so you might want to look at the site, see what you think you might like, and then call them and have them walk you through the pricing.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about the Project Linus and JOANN’s partnership.

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