Fleece Blanket Guidelines

Fleece Blankets:

We receive many beautiful fleece blankets with sewn, fringed, surged, picket fence, crocheted and other edges.  We really appreciate them.  However, we also receive fleece blankets where the selvage is not cut off before finishing them or only two edges are finished and the other 2 edges are left unfinished.  These blankets cannot be sent on to a child in need without being redone.  Sometimes we have wonderful volunteers that totally redo them/surge the unfinished edges, etc. to a quality they can be given to a child.  Often, we have too many of these to ask volunteers to do this.  In that case, we find a good home for them such as local animal shelters and rescue groups. 

Double-Layered Fleece Blankets:  

We have a VERY limited need for these blankets.  Please do not make these without checking with Deb Miller first.  Fleece is expensive and you can make twice the number of blankets making single layered fleece blankets. 

There are some great ideas and patterns for single fleece blankets here and by searching the internet including: 




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