Project Linus (PL) will be providing blankets to all of the children in the K-12 school system in Uvalde. In addition, as a special exception to our normal policy/mission PL will be providing blankets to up to 800 adults (teachers, school personnel, parents, etc.) in Uvalde. Our chapter has committed to sending 200 blankets for the children in the community and 20 blankets for adults (teachers, etc.). This will help Project Linus provide blankets for all 4300 children in the school system and 800 adults. Blankets will be given out on the first day of school in August!

Blankets are starting to come in, but we still need more! Blankets need to be 40″ x 40″ or larger for the children. Many of the children are teens so blankets 50″ up to 2 yards (72″) are welcomed! Blankets for children need to be fleece blankets (preferably crocheted or sewn finished edges). Be sure they are flat (not tied into bowl shapes, selvage removed, etc.). Blankets can also be QUILTs. Blankets should be AT LEAST 40″ x 40″ but larger is better since we will be serving teens also. Please be sensitive to the patterns ensuring no military, weapons, etc.

Blankets for adults need to be QUILTS They should be AT LEAST 60″ x 60″ and made by our experienced quilters. We’ve only gotten a few of these in so we need MORE of these for sure.

I know our caring volunteers are stepping up to the plate and busy making blankets. I’ve had lots of questions and notes. If we receive more blankets than we need to ship, that is a GOOD problem to have. We will be starting to send our SnowBall Express blankets in September and these blankets will be perfect for that, too. Note, we can send crochet and knit blankets to SnowBall Express.

All blankets and donations for Texas should be mailed or to a drop off location by no later than July 15th!!!! Please indicate BOTH Project Linus and TEXAS on the outside AND inside of the bag. (We have a sewing day at Twisted Sisters on July 16th and you can bring them in then, too!!!!)

Thanks as always for your support of Project Linus. These are difficult times and providing our children a sense of security is important as much now as ever! Project Linus HUGS and a heartful thank you to each of you for all you do to support Project Linus.

Please note due to the weight of mailing, school system request, and warm temperatures in TX, we will not be accepting crocheted or knit blankets for this effort. Of course, we have lots of need for these blankets locally. I can not guarantee your donations will go specifically to Texas but I will do my best to fill the need with blankets donated specifically for this effort.

We also need money to ship the blankets to Texas. Checks made payable to Project Linus with “TEXAS” noted in the memo section can be sent to Deb Miller, Project Linus of East TN, 365 Dean Drive, Ten Mile, TN 37880. Again, if we received more funds than needed, these funds will be used for Snowball Express shipping and other Project Linus of East TN needs (packing supplies, printing, etc.).

If you or your friends/family don’t sew or have time this summer to make blankets, this is a great way to support this effort by helping to pay for the mailing costs of the blankets.

This is a HUGE undertaking for Project Linus and the chapters across the country. PL of East TN is honored to be a part of it and know that our volunteers will step up to the plate to do our part.

If you have any questions, please let Deb know by emailing [email protected] or texting 865 719 2862.

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